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PrivateChefon-line school

on-line lesson

For general individuals


or group lesson

Online lessons

Company online

For new employee training!

For an in-house social gathering!

Cooking class → dinner party

In a group

Please enjoy!


 on-line Private lesson opening price ¥ 18,000 / 1 time  90 minutes  Up to 6 people  (Regular price up to 20 people lesson ¥ 66,000 / 30 people or more event ¥ 132,000)

professional class

​ Celebrity home

An active business trip chef

On-line & face-to-face personal consultation

Earn more

High unit price business trip chef

Chef at the new store

Bringing up


¥ 110,000 / month


Chef profile


When enrolled in Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.

Former owner of Seibu Group

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi's charge, political and business world,

Serving food to imperial guests.

Launched Private Chef

Many entertainers and business owners

Hold a party at home

Famous for anti-aging

Dr. Takuji Shirasawa

Participate in the Elderly Housing with Care Project

Anti-aging food development

Living National Treasure Mr. Kikugoro Onoe's Health

Diet support with meals

Drama leading actor health management support

Even at PrivateChef on-line school

Healthy eating diet,

Dietary management, with healthy ingredients

Party recipes, etc.

We support everyone's success.

Business trip chef fee ¥ 100,000

Minimum order ¥ 100,000 (cooking amount)

A party that exceeds one million yen at one time

Experience the power we provide!

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